Buyer Membership

With T&E (Travel & Expenses) expenditure often the second or third largest item of controllable expense within an organisation, managing travel is far from easy. 

It's a position that enables others in the company to conduct their role better, but they themselves are often stretched thin across various activities. From negotiating supplier agreements and setting travel policies, to tracking travellers internationally - those involved in travel procurement are responsible for multiple priorities at any given time.

Even with rapid technological developments, face-to-face meetings remain a business necessity that has resulted in an increase demand for controllable corporate travel. 

For travel managers, this means assessing what they do today and demonstrating where they can add real value to their organisations. 

Why become an ITM Member?

Becoming an ITM Member will help develop your skills and industry knowledge, keep you up to date on the latest trends, and allow you to gain professionally recognized qualifications. Our events offer valuable networking opportunities that enable you to create lasting business relationships.

Benefits of Buyer Membership
  • Professional Development
    In order to keep your knowledge and skills up to date, you have access to a range of events and resources that will enhance your ability to better carry out your role, as well as developing yourself professionally to further your career.

  • Information and Support
    Access to a wealth of knowledge in our Resource section where you will find a range of reports, guides, templates, and tools designed specifically to help you in your role.

    As a Business Member, you will also receive complimentary access to the Global Business Travel Association (worth $370) to provide international training and support.

  • Networking and community
    Connect with an unprecedented network of business travel professionals from around the UK and Ireland. Build your professional network through our regional/national events and through the ITM Member Directory .

  • Special deals and discounts
    ITM Members will soon be able enjoy a wide range of exclusive discounts for professional or personal use.

  • Monthly magazine, journals, and ebulletins
    Stay up-to-date with the latest news, views, and developments in the business travel industry.

Membership Fees
We have two types of membership at ITM – Connect and Business.

Connect Membership

An introductory membership for those who are new to ITM, and who would prefer the flexibility of paying for events as you attend and resources/tools as you use them. It is free to join and provides you with limited access to our services; but also gives you the opportunity to attend one free educational event to experience our development programme.

If you’re looking to become more engaged with our association, such as attending more than one event per year or downloading multi-resources, then it will be more cost-effective to become a Business Member.

Business membership

Designed for travel buyers with a genuine interest in career development and a commitment to best practice, Business Members will have unlimited access to all events and resources, including a complimentary place to the ITM Conference (worth £815).

Becoming a Business Member costs just £249 per year , and could save you up to £1,500 per year in benefits and discounts.

Membership FAQs
Frequently asked questions can be found on our Members FAQs . If the answer to your question cannot be found within our FAQs, please email the Membership team at and we will respond within two working days.