Why Become a Member of ITM?


Membership Types

Whether you're just starting your career in the business travel industry, or a seasoned professional who would like to expand their knowledge, joining the Institute of Travel Management will open up new opportunities and allow you to gain valuable insights to aide you in your role. 

You can meet like-minded individuals through our network, and expand your skills through our training, events, and online resources. 

To meet the needs of the Business Travel industry, our membership is split into three types depending on your role within the business travel industry: 


Including: Travel Managers, Category Managers & Procurement experts, who are responsible for the procurement and contracting of business travel products and the implementation of business travel services.


Including: Those within organisations that provide travel services e.g. Airlines, Hotels, Rail, Taxi's, Legal Services, Travel Management Companies, Meeting Venues, Travel Technology providers etc..

Industry Practitioners (IP)

Including: Consultants, Independent Travel Buyers who have more than one client, Account Managers who act as outsourced travel buyers from a TMC.

You will be able to find more information about the benefits of each membership through the tiles below. 

Buyer Membership

I am responsible
for procuring, managing
or booking travel
for my organisation.

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Supplier Membership

I am responsible
for supplying products
& services to the
travel industry.

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Membership Benefits

ITM Membership provides:

Networking Opportunities
Connect to other business travel professionals to share knowledge and expertise, discover new suppliers , and make lasting business relationships. 

Find professionals in your industry with our Member Directory .

Industry Tools and Resources
Whether you want to understand business travel trends, or utilize toolkits to help you in your day-to-day role, you will get access to an extensive range of reports, guidies, templates, webinars and surveys in our Resource Section .

Professional Training
Expand your thinking and industry knowledge with our unparalleled training programmes.

Regional Committees
ITM has four regional committees - London/South, Midlands/North, Scotland, and Ireland - that provide opportunities to discuss local challenges, educational events, and social networking opportunities. 

ITM Mentoring
ITM has launched a mentoring platform that will pair eager Mentee's with established travel industry experts. Regardless of your expertise level, this is an excellent opportunity  to continue your growth.

Email secretariat@itm.org.uk for more details.