Airline Retailing Guide

Over recent months the acceleration of airline changes in distribution and retailing models has been a primary topic of interest and discussion. ITM formed a taskforce of seven travel managers covering various industries, programme size and scale.

Industries represented included banking and finance, consultancy, media and entertainment, technology and software, and pharmaceutical. The taskforce was led by Stewart Harvey, an industry expert who previously held executive positions at both BCD Travel and HRG.

The purpose of this guide is to support buyers as they face this period of transition and to elevate their combined voice to increase the supply chain’s understanding of the managed travel programme’s intricacies and dependencies.

The guide is dual purpose for both buyers and suppliers as we look to also support suppliers, across all categories, with the steps to take to ensure a smooth and successful introduction of any new distribution strategy in the corporate travel sector.

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Published: 24 Jun 2023
Type: Guide
Produced by: ITM
Sector : Aviation and Aerospace
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