Enabling the Return to Travel

Learn how we can begin to support the safe return to travel in 2021, what we have learnt from 2020 and how we ensure we rebuild traveller confidence through a renewed policy and programme as the recovery evolves.

Duty of care and minimising traveller risk have always been of critical importance within our buyers travel programmes. 2020 and the impact of the pandemic has further escalated the importance of effective risk management and as we look to enable the safe return of travel we will also need to consider and incorporate additional elements to policy and our travel risk framework.

The traveller journey has truly come into focus as an end-to-end consideration with a key focus on health and hygiene measures whilst navigating the dynamic situation of differing country restrictions and requirements. The dynamism of the current environment calls for the integration of real-time data and cements the importance of stakeholder engagement at all levels of the organisation and externally with the supply chain.

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Published: 15 Feb 2021
Type: Webinar
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Sector : Virtual Events, COVID-19
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