Inside the Mind of the Buyer

A rare opportunity to validate best practice across a selection of Buyers.

At this virtual event, Suppliers were given the opportunity to ’interview’ a panel of buyers in an open environment, to really get to the heart of the issues they are facing

This webinar recording will help you understand what’s important to buyers, and why? And how you can adapt in the ’new world’?

This event gave Suppliers the chance to find out everything they wanted to know

Published: 07 Dec 2020
Type: Webinar
Produced by: ITM
Sector : Virtual Events, Buyer Insights
Business - Buyer : Free
Business - Supplier : Free
Business - IP Supplier : Free
Connect - IP Supplier : £19.00 (EX.VAT)
Connect - Supplier : £19.00 (EX.VAT)