PSD2 Revisted

In early 2021 ITM formed a taskforce consisting of industry experts to discuss, debate and share expertise relating to the 2nd payment services directive and specifically its application within the business travel ecosystem. On 23 March 2022 they revisited this topic and shared insights with members.

The taskforce conducted 2 webinars for ITM members during March and April 2021 and produced a guide for buyer members to support their understanding and provide recommendations on how to prepare for when the directive would be enforced.

Nearly a year has passed since the conversation began and given the enforcement date in the UK (14th March 2022) we felt it was important to re-visit the discussion and bring our original PSD2 webinar team back together.

This webinar was recorded on 23 March 2022 and brings key members of ITMs PSD2 taskforce back together to share their thoughts and expertise on where the ecosystem is in terms of readiness to support the directive, what actions we can take today to support frictionless payments and answer the questions that are important to you in relation to the directive.

Published: 30 Mar 2022
Type: Webinar
Produced by: ITM
Sector : Banking and Financial Services, PSD2
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