09 Dec 2021, 10:20 AM

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Shelley Fletcher-Bryant

Vice President, Sales & Client Management

As Director of Client Management for Advito, Shelley oversees consulting projects that help clients optimise and transform their travel programs. This covers air and hotel sourcing, data consolidation, traveller engagement and, her personal passion, sustainability. Shelley has been with Advito for almost five years. She started her career within the Traveller Engagement team, managing internal communication campaigns for her clients, designed to drive behaviour change and support travel programme goals. Prior to joining Advito, Shelley spent 20 years working in destination, leisure travel and retail marketing roles. As a result, she brings a unique perspective of consumer and retail thinking to the world of corporate travel. She studied Business and Social Sciences with the Open University and Marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. After four years of living in the Netherlands, Shelley returned to the UK in 2021, where she is now based.