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Cytric Easy by Amadeus – The Smart Connection for your corporation

Amadeus is committed to transforming the digital travel and expense experience by working with our partners to create a smart, seamlessly connected, and collaborative business travel ecosystem.

Digital transformation is the key to this. End users want intuitive solutions that offer a wide range of products, the best possible user experience and a seamless process for travel handling, payment, and travel expense management, while ensuring accessibility and sustainability. To this end, digital touchpoints must be brought together to enable a continuous travel & expense experience.

Cytric Easy by Amadeus is our cost-effective business travel management solution, providing a personalised and seamless booking experience through the channels preferred by your business travellers. Stay in control and track your travel investments throughout the whole booking and cost process.

Cytric is now part of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams With Cytric Easy, Cytric Travel & Expense has been integrated into the Microsoft 365 workplace application. Your employees can now manage their travel and expenses, as well as share travel details with colleagues without leaving their daily used applications such as Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Teams.

Telephone 0779 595 3175
Industry Technology
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Headquarters Gatwick
Company Size 16,000+
Founded 1987

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Cinthia Jimenez

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